Last Updated: July 14, 2023

Try Before You Buy: Hassle-Free Shopping Experience

Discover our convenient Try Before You Buy program, designed to provide you with the flexibility to try on items before making a purchase. We value your satisfaction and offer flexible options.

Program Details: Clothing Items Eligible

Please note that our Try Before You Buy program currently includes clothing items only. Not all clothing items are eligible. Please refer to our return policy for eligibility criteria.

How It Works:

  1. Select Your Qualifying Item(s):
  • Maximum item quantity: 3 (subject to availability)
  1. Payment Process:

During checkout, you will pay 25% of the total order amount, including shipping costs, which will be applied to the final payment upon keeping the items. You agree to pay the remaining balance for all items you decide to keep.

  1. Shipping and Returns:
  • Domestic Customers: Drop off the return package at your local postal office, using the provided address: 400 Chesterfield Center Ste 400 Chesterfield, MO 63017. Retain the receipt for tracking purposes. We cover the cost of one return shipment back to us.
  • International Customers: Please note that international customers are responsible for covering shipping costs for both the initial shipment and any returns. Shipping costs are not covered by our Try Before You Buy program.
  1. Try-On Period and Decision:

You have a try-on period of 3 days from the date of delivery. This period begins once ALL items in the order are delivered. During this time, you must decide whether to keep or return the items.

  1. Drop-Off Period:

After the 3-day try-on period, there is a 2-day drop-off period. Please ensure that the return package is dropped off within this designated period. Failure to do so may result in being charged for the full order amount.

  1. Return Process:

Ensure items are undamaged and in their original condition. Review our return policy for specific guidelines. Customers must reach out to our customer service during the drop-off period to obtain a paid return label. A one-time restocking fee of $5 will be charged for returned items.

  1. Exchanges and Additional Returns:

Customers are responsible for shipping costs for any additional exchanges or returns, including the cost of returning an item and the cost of shipping the exchanged item back to them.

  1. Signature Requirement:

A signature is required upon delivery to maintain a secure and accurate process.

For any inquiries about our Try Before You Buy program, contact us at service@bigsistersisterhood.com.


  1. When are customers charged for their orders?

Throughout the Try Before, You Buy order cycle, customers are charged at various transaction events. The 25% payment, including shipping costs, is made during checkout. Customers agree to pay the remaining balance for all items they decide to keep.

  1. Customer Keeps All Items:

Customers are charged immediately upon indicating their decision to keep all items, using the 25% payment made at checkout. The remaining balance for the items is to be paid by the customer.

  1. Customer Wants to Return at Least One Item:

Upon dropping off the return package, customers will be responsible for return shipping costs for additional exchanges or returns. A one-time restocking fee of $5 will be charged for returned items.

  1. Customer Sends Back All Items:

If all items are returned undamaged and in their original condition, a refund will be issued after inspection. Please note that customers are responsible for return shipping costs for additional exchanges or returns.

Please review our Return Policies to ensure your item qualifies for a return and for specific guidelines on eligibility.