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Our Story 

Big Sisters/ Sisterhood is an online retail clothing store. We are for the elegant woman, who needs a chic new blouse or dress on Friday night, no matter the company – friend, lover, or maybe a client. We are here for the professional, classy, or chic/trendy ladies who want to feel beautiful. Big Sisters/Sisterhood wants to unlock these lovely experiences for all our customers, and we want them to look amazing while they do it. We simply want to make our women ready for any occasion, feeling they are conveying who they are through their clothing.

Our team is dedicated to not only our customers’ style but their well-being. Whatever we can do as a supplier of your favorite wear, we know the 21st century calls for us to give back. That’s where our name’s inspiration comes from: we want you to feel like when you shop with Big Sisters/Sisterhood, it feels like receiving fashion advice from your most chic older sister.

We at Big Sisters/ Sisterhood take pride in providing not only the best outfits/clothing but also in being our sisters’ keepers.😍  Our company is all about women’s empowerment and bonding through a sisterhood.   Fashion is an excellent avenue to start. I don’t think any of us mind when we look and feel beautiful and give back at the same time!

The founder of Big Sisters/Sisterhood is a fashionista herself, so she and her team are dedicated to providing you with the best and trendiest looks as if you were looting your favorite older sister’s closet! Our company got off the ground in a very “21st-century” kind of way; the sisterhood spawns from the namesake Facebook group aimed at uplifting and inspiring women. Our founder later decided to use her business background to create this very store you are seeing today. The goal remains the same, to inspire and uplift women through attire.


Our Vision

Big Sisters/Sisterhood acknowledges a few simple truths. First, sexy is powerful, and presenting yourself as such is essential. We want to encourage women to find their medium where they attract the right kind of attention, where men give a double-take and women ask, “Oh my God, where did you get that – it looks good!” Our vision is to give every woman who shops with us at least one of these moments!


Our Mission

We aim to empower women to channel themselves into their clothing choices, so it becomes a true form of their personal expression. We want to give ladies the chance to discover their comfort level with how much skin to show and what sexuality to give off.

To us, putting together the perfect outfit is about picking whichever “assets” you want to highlight that day, and dressing around those cornerstone pieces to help you shine.

While helping, you shine is our top priority. We are always looking to improve our service for the betterment of your customer experience. We aim to take our customer’s needs and shopping experience into consideration in everything we do. Your opinions or thoughts are always “welcomed,” as we can modify things to better serve you. Your shopping experience is essential to us, so we aim to make it the best we can. And best of all, we want to keep these incredible fashion experiences affordable, less revealing, and trendy without breaking the bank.


Who We Support

We believe in giving back to non-profit organizations that support great causes. That is why we partnered with the Keep-A-Breast Foundation, whose mission is to help prevent breast cancer by educating women about the importance of early detection and monthly self-checks. As part of our partnership with KAB, a portion of all sales will be donated in support of a GREAT cause. Happy Shopping and Welcome to the Sisterhood!
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