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Our Try Before You Buy program gives you the opportunity to avoid buying items that end up not fitting. Now, you can pick any item that you aren’t sure of the fit and try it out before you buy it. If you love it, keep it. If not, send it back to us. We want our customers to have as many purchasing options as possible.

**Please note: At this time, only clothing items are included in this program.**

Here is how it works:

Minimum item quantity: 1

Maximum item quantity: 5


There will be a $20 deposit charged to the customer at initial checkout. The deposit will be applied to the final amount owed on the item(s) you keep.

There will be a $0 restocking fee if all items are returned and you will be fully refunded.


There is a 5 day try period with 0 grace days. This period begins once ALL items in the order are delivered.

You have 3 days to drop-off returned items with a 2 day grace period.

Customers will be sent a return label for item(s) to be returned. 

If you have any questions about Try Before You Buy, please contact us at


Our “Try Before You Buy” program is powered by BLACKCART. Once an order is placed, Blackcart will send an email to the customer with a direct link to their Customer portal as soon as the order is confirmed.


When are customers charged for their order?

There are several transaction events throughout the Try Before You Buy order cycle. Timing for charge and refund transactions will depend on a number of factors. The most common are:

  • Customer is charged at checkout for any upfront paid items as well as a Try Before You Buy deposit (if applicable).

Every TBYB order has a set number of days for a customer to decide whether they want to keep an item or send it back to the merchant.

  • Try Period Expiry: If the customer does not make a decision during the Try Period, the customer will be charged for all TBYB items after the Try Period has expired.
  • Drop off Period Expiry: If the customer fails to drop off their returns package with the carrier before the drop off period has expired the customer will be charged for all TBYB items.
  • Note: drop-off returns package must be scanned with the carrier within the drop off period to avoid getting charged.
  • Customer keeps all the items : Customers are charged immediately after they indicate that they want to keep all items minus the deposit fee (if applicable).
  • Customer indicated at-least one item to be sent back : Once the package is dropped off at the designated return facility, the customer will be charged for all items kept.
  • Customer sends back all items : If a deposit was charged, the customer will be refunded once the package has been received and processed by the merchant in their warehouse.Note: Some merchants charge a restocking fee if all items are returned; the customer will be refunded the balance amount (if applicable) after the restocking fee is deducted.


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