Our Brand Ambassador Program:

Want to become part of our team? Apply with us today to become part of a caring and loving team. We are all about female empowerment, so join us if you are ready to have some fun and would love to be part of  a brand that cares about others and their well-being.

What’s in it for you?… no worries, we got you covered!

o   You will get a 10% commission off of every customer(s) you bring that completes a checkout in our store. You’ll earn 10% of that sale.

o   You get to choose what clothes you would like for us to send to you for you to post on your social media platforms.

o   As we grow, you grow, our inventory grows, etc. we will send gifts out every blue moon as we expand/, grow our brand.


Job Description/ Role:

o   For you to tag our page when promoting our products. You must value our brand & what we stand for, if not this role is not for you.

o   You can post as much as you like, and we will send products out to you. No more than two items. The items that we send out to you are yours to keep. If we send you out more than 2 items per month, then you can keep the additional items on us!


(Note: this is always subject to change if chosen for this role all details will be provided to you). For additional items, we will charge you a 25% discounted rate for any additional items that you decide to keep.


o   We will cover the cost to send the items out to you. All we ask in return is that you leave us a review either on Google or our social media platform


Who can be an influencer?


Hmmm, good question, anyone can be an influencer of ours as long as you have at least 300+ followers on your social media platform. As long as you are using your platform to promote our brand then you can be an influencer of ours.


If you are chosen for this role, we will go over everything in entirely with you in an unformal meet-in-greet.


Looking forward to meeting you!




Big Sisterhood

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